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We are a couple of girls who got bored of what we saw in the shopping malls, and even more BORED of the exorbitant prices. We thought it would be a great idea, to have a fuss-free shopping experience which would SCORE great results - ie fashionable pieces, at freaking unbelievable prices.

So, when we first thought of the idea of setting up an online clothing store, we drew from our shopping experiences and put ourselves in our customers’ shoes.

We then embarked on a major shopping spree to bring you our collection of clothes which can be worn for any occasion, be it for an Old Hollywood Glamour moment, or a Total Fat day, or a Fabulous Diva attack!

Photoshoot for Coco Collection

We are also SO excited to introduce to you, our own store brand, Mylo+Athena, named after two Greek Goddesses and our 2 mascots. Mylo+Athena designs are mostly classic, elegant designs which you could wear over and over again – consider them a great investment. AND they come in various sizes!!

At myloshop.com you can shop in the comfort of your own home, sat in front of the TV in your PJ’s and STILL have an exciting shopping experience!!!

Our bespoke website design is (oh so beautiful and) fuss-free, making it so easy and simple to pick and choose from our collections.

And so we are using this blog as a forum for us and our customers, to share our views on What's Hot and What's Not in fashion and to let you into our lives (check out updates on new collections). Enjoy our rants!!

Fashionably yours

the mylo+athena team

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