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We got featured in STAR

My gosh!! We still cannot believe it!

We got featured on the front page of Star Two on Thursday - Sept 2, 2010! Front page!.(Online article click here)

And it was the kookiest picture ever!!!And and not to mention I've got fat arms and Suan's face was a little distorted.. :)

Please know that the picture was (1) in a studio shot; (2) it was the end of an 8-hours-day; (3) was never meant for public use; and (4) we did give the reporter a serious shot.

But, we have to say.. it was great to be featured!! Thanks so much S.S. Yoga for featuring us (thank you too for warning us the night before that it was going to be a "big" surprise!) We are also glad that this shot got chosen, because ... this picture shows how we really are.. KoOkY. (A little OFF in the head, if you know what I mean!) And it's nice to know that it is OK to be yourself and that being yourself gets you places...

So thanks again to Star Two!! Cheers!!

Our KoOkY shot on the front page of Star Two

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