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Celebrate your CuRveS!

Christina Hendricks

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the body of a model? Don’t!

Very few women have a “natural” model body and the general media doesn’t help! Stop avoiding the mirror and stop measuring yourself against pictured women wearing the new spring fashion and feel disappointed or even embarrassed about your body.

You are robbing yourself the ability to enjoy dressing and feeling good about yourself.. no matter your size!

Think Nigella Lawson, Sophie Dahl, Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks…phwoar… These ravishing ladies makes the male species run cold showers!  (Did you know that Christina Hendricks was recently named America’s best-looking woman in Esquire magazine?!)

Nigella Lawson

Show off your shape
Be it apple, pear, pencil or hourglass. Understand your body shape and apply the rules to your own closet.

Sophie Dahl

A style icon wears what works for them and then that becomes a hit!

Marilyn Monroe

Trendiness is a trap
There is nothing wrong with only wearing cuts that most flatter you. Embrace what highlights your assets and body shape. No one will think you lack imagination if you always look good, right?

Colour Colour Colour
Basic blacks and dark shades are not the only way to look slim. Stand out in red, look elegant in blue and radiant in teal.

Avoid clunky distractions but individualize your look with a sleek clutch or a sassy belt.

Sleek Clutch (Coming Soon to M+A)

Always be comfortable and dress appropriately. Chin up, be confident and you’re ready to go!

M+A now in size 14

M+A will be celebrating healthy, happy and confident curvaceous ladies by introducing size 14 in our next collection. Coming soon to you end October or early November.

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  1. GOOD job dearies *applauds*
    it’s time for ladies out there to be aware of this; we are made the way we are and we should work with what we have. I have a curvy body and I once use to be disappointed with myself, but that all changed when people started complimenting me for my body. So now I’ve learn to embrace it and important thing is I’m HEALTHY, SEXY and CONFIDENT!
    Once again..KUDOS!!
    ~ xoxo ~

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