(mis)adventures of mylo + athena

Our first bazaar – Chic Pop Street Market 4

M+A made its first ever non-online presence at Chic Pop Street Market 4 hosted by Tongue in Chic. It was held at the newly open Sunway Giza - Kota Damansara on Saturday - May 29th.

It was a daunting experience. We were unsure of what to expect and how to approach it. For one thing - we have so much stuff!! How do you decide which pieces to bring and which to leave behind?! We spent a week preparing for the event. From measuring out the actual 6 feet by 6 feet space we were allocated in our living room and trying to fit in our two clothes racks - one from ikea (thats the big one on the right.. really cheap!) and one imported all the way from London (actually, we bought it 2nd hand from a fashion house and we truly believe that its been to London Fashion Week!!! you can't see it in the picture because its behind the bunting).

Chic Pop space allocation dry run in our living room. So narrow!

We were so afraid of the space allocation we even had a couple of plans drawn out and considered our options and strategy!(Kiasu or not?!) Anyway, we got there early.. and found out we got a REALLY good space. Not only were we next to the fitting room, we only had vendors behind us and we got to "expand" a little. (There was also this 20 feet fan above us.. that was god-sent!)

Our actual space at Chic Pop

Left: Browsers. Right: Evon next to her life sized bunting!

View from the back.

We had a really good time at the bazaar and all our worries and efforts was worth it. We got to feature our key pieces and interact with our fans that came specifically to see and try on our new collection. (Even our pretty models, Evon and Jenny came to give us encouragement!). It's so different from interacting on email!  So thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

We will be making our next appearance at KLue's URBANSCAPES on 26 June 2010. Hope to see you there!
For more information - http://www.urbanscapes.com.my/

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