(mis)adventures of mylo + athena

Mylo + Athena : Our namesakes

We have had many, many, many fans, friends and even media asking us how we came up with the name Mylo + Athena. It's very simple, really. They are the names of one of the co-founder's (Allison's) dogs - Mylo and Athena.

Mylo, a Jack Russell Terrier (JRT), was born in November 2007 . She came from the breeder in a cardboard box and was (still is) a little fatty.

Mylo on the day she came home

Mylo the little fatty in the cardbox box

Mylo was named after Aphrodites of Milos, the greek goddess of love and beauty and "Milo" the  JRT from the movie "The Mask". Today, Mylo is a prankster who loves to play with water (typical JRT!). She hunts and then hides cicaks (lizards) in her "house" and bring it to you as a present. (I have a picture of that too, but I won't scare you with the gory details). She is always up for a game of fetch and gets all worked up when you touch any of her toys.

Thinks she is going out; Getting stuck by cone trying to steal food; Resting on MY bed after a hard day at doggy-day-care


Athena was named after the Greek goddess of war, civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, crafts, justice and skill. Her full name is Barone Rampante Athena, but we call her Teena. Athena is  a Dobermann that can trace her ancestors from Italy, Indonesia and even Russia! (Mylo was from Kepong!)

Athena in her kennel on the day she arrived

There is a big misconception about Dobermans being vicious and aggressive dogs. Athena is the total opposite. Athena is the loyal-est dog ever and will go wherever you go. She is also very patient and doesn't get angry - no matter what you do to her. She hops around like a deer and loves to play (but doesn't realize her size!). She is Al's big baby.

Taking a walk; Stopping for some lovin'; Acting innocent after causing havoc


And that, my dear, is how we got our name. :)