(mis)adventures of mylo + athena

We were on BFM89.9 (Again!!)

We were recently featured on "Up the Ante" on BFM89.9 (again!)

We were interviewed by the legendary Freda Liu and coached by the infamous Irfan Khairi.

We had a really good time during the interview and picked up some really important tips.. which we will be applying. (And yes, that includes being more updated on our blog)

In my opinion, BFM is THE best radio station in Malaysia. Why? Most station nowadays, sigh, how shall i put this.. too commercialized? Music... too repetitive and mainstream. Host(s).... annoying. Lack substance if you know what I mean. But BFM is different. I know. It's a BUSINESS station you say.. but hey, they play the BEST music that caters too all age groups. And you learn something new about Malaysia everyday! :) Not to mention they have the best hostess! :) So, try it!

Thanks again BFM!

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We got featured in STAR

My gosh!! We still cannot believe it!

We got featured on the front page of Star Two on Thursday - Sept 2, 2010! Front page!.(Online article click here)

And it was the kookiest picture ever!!!And and not to mention I've got fat arms and Suan's face was a little distorted.. :)

Please know that the picture was (1) in a studio shot; (2) it was the end of an 8-hours-day; (3) was never meant for public use; and (4) we did give the reporter a serious shot.

But, we have to say.. it was great to be featured!! Thanks so much S.S. Yoga for featuring us (thank you too for warning us the night before that it was going to be a "big" surprise!) We are also glad that this shot got chosen, because ... this picture shows how we really are.. KoOkY. (A little OFF in the head, if you know what I mean!) And it's nice to know that it is OK to be yourself and that being yourself gets you places...

So thanks again to Star Two!! Cheers!!

Our KoOkY shot on the front page of Star Two

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Celebrate your CuRveS!

Christina Hendricks

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the body of a model? Don’t!

Very few women have a “natural” model body and the general media doesn’t help! Stop avoiding the mirror and stop measuring yourself against pictured women wearing the new spring fashion and feel disappointed or even embarrassed about your body.

You are robbing yourself the ability to enjoy dressing and feeling good about yourself.. no matter your size!

Think Nigella Lawson, Sophie Dahl, Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks…phwoar… These ravishing ladies makes the male species run cold showers!  (Did you know that Christina Hendricks was recently named America’s best-looking woman in Esquire magazine?!)

Nigella Lawson

Show off your shape
Be it apple, pear, pencil or hourglass. Understand your body shape and apply the rules to your own closet.

Sophie Dahl

A style icon wears what works for them and then that becomes a hit!

Marilyn Monroe

Trendiness is a trap
There is nothing wrong with only wearing cuts that most flatter you. Embrace what highlights your assets and body shape. No one will think you lack imagination if you always look good, right?

Colour Colour Colour
Basic blacks and dark shades are not the only way to look slim. Stand out in red, look elegant in blue and radiant in teal.

Avoid clunky distractions but individualize your look with a sleek clutch or a sassy belt.

Sleek Clutch (Coming Soon to M+A)

Always be comfortable and dress appropriately. Chin up, be confident and you’re ready to go!

M+A now in size 14

M+A will be celebrating healthy, happy and confident curvaceous ladies by introducing size 14 in our next collection. Coming soon to you end October or early November.

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Our participation @ MOFEW

Mylo + Athena participated (for the first time!) in MOFEW or Malaysia's Online Fashion Entrepreneur's Weekend from August 13 to 15, 2010. It was held in Mid Valley's Convention Centre (next to the food court on the 3rd floor).

We had a great time meeting new friends (We had an exceptionally good time with our friends at Frugal Mugal and Whatever Darl !! And hope to see them again in future events! They both have a really cool collection!) It felt kind of surreal meeting other blogshop owners but nice to know the face-behind-the-site! :)

We'd like to thank our models - Evon (for helping out and always being there for us) and Jenny (for dropping by between your busy schedule to come say hi to us!)

We'd like also thank all our fans (for coming to visit our booth!); to our "first-timers" (who were intrigued with our collection and stopped to check us out!); Jan Wong (organizer at MOFEW for giving this opportunity); Jonathan Yip (the quirky and young official photographer at MOFEW); the fashion media (for dropping by to meet us!); local media (for interviewing us) and even a finance lecturer from Sabah!! We appreciate all the support!

Jenny + friend

Jenny + her posters

Jenny next to her life size poster!

Our setup - Slideshow + Internet

Jenny + Jonathan having a chat

Picture compliment from Rodney

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We will be @MOFEW

Cant wait for the upcoming MOFEW Event in MidValley. It's Malaysia's first Online Fashion Entrepreneur's weekend and we are so glad to be able to be part of it (though we signed up really late, but thanks to some lucky stars, a vendor pulled out and we got in!)

Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) – Hall 3

Date: 13th – 15th August 2010 (Friday – Sunday)

Time: 11am – 9pm (Friday & Saturday), 11am – 7pm (Sunday)

See you there!! :)

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Mylo + Athena : Our namesakes

We have had many, many, many fans, friends and even media asking us how we came up with the name Mylo + Athena. It's very simple, really. They are the names of one of the co-founder's (Allison's) dogs - Mylo and Athena.

Mylo, a Jack Russell Terrier (JRT), was born in November 2007 . She came from the breeder in a cardboard box and was (still is) a little fatty.

Mylo on the day she came home

Mylo the little fatty in the cardbox box

Mylo was named after Aphrodites of Milos, the greek goddess of love and beauty and "Milo" the  JRT from the movie "The Mask". Today, Mylo is a prankster who loves to play with water (typical JRT!). She hunts and then hides cicaks (lizards) in her "house" and bring it to you as a present. (I have a picture of that too, but I won't scare you with the gory details). She is always up for a game of fetch and gets all worked up when you touch any of her toys.

Thinks she is going out; Getting stuck by cone trying to steal food; Resting on MY bed after a hard day at doggy-day-care


Athena was named after the Greek goddess of war, civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, crafts, justice and skill. Her full name is Barone Rampante Athena, but we call her Teena. Athena is  a Dobermann that can trace her ancestors from Italy, Indonesia and even Russia! (Mylo was from Kepong!)

Athena in her kennel on the day she arrived

There is a big misconception about Dobermans being vicious and aggressive dogs. Athena is the total opposite. Athena is the loyal-est dog ever and will go wherever you go. She is also very patient and doesn't get angry - no matter what you do to her. She hops around like a deer and loves to play (but doesn't realize her size!). She is Al's big baby.

Taking a walk; Stopping for some lovin'; Acting innocent after causing havoc


And that, my dear, is how we got our name. :)


The Official Launch of www.myloshop.com

A great day indeed!

We have been toying with the idea of a Launch Party for the last SEVEN months. Finally, it came into fruition, and we could not have been more pleased to see our family, friends, customers and some lovely ladies from the local mags. We were feeling the LOVE in the room! So thank you, firstly, to all who came and supported us. We really are truly blessed to have you grace this event with your presence.

Yes, we were planning this for the LONGEST time - first we had to set a date (a realistic one) and then we had to find the PERFECT venue. Our first target date (in June) was abit too soon - we had been working on participating in 2 street bazaars and that took up SO much of our time. Planning what to sell and how to maximise the 3 feet by 3 feet space is no easy task!! And so, we decided on the 3rd of July. Just because that would have given us about a month to plan it (which then became 2 weeks after we had been busy doing so many other things for the business - PANIC!).

We had our eye on the Banquet at Bangsar Village II after scouting for venues to hold our launch party. We really liked the ambience and atmosphere it created. Plus it's just SO prettily done up - very Breakfast at Tiffany's. So we got them to do a menu, which consisted of a cheese platter, pita bread & dips, sandwiches (chicken & wasabi and tuna & mayo), the yummiest Tiramisu, and loveliest creme brulee. All done to perfection:

The service there was tres excellent - our guests were kept happy with the endless supply of food and tea/coffee. When we were setting up the props for the launch, the guys even pitched in  and helped us carry all the stuff from the car to the resto  (our husbands decided to not help us set up for various reasons - thanks a lot, lou kongs).

So we were there around an hour before, putting the mannequins together, placing our eight Giant Sized Buntings, and placing our own Mylo+Athena brand clothes on a huge rack. Doesn't seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it was. We even brought a steamer to make sure the dresses didn't look creased :)

We wanted a simple yet sophisticated look, and we think we achieved it - here is what our display looked like:

As 3pm approached we had to get dressed (we were all wearing M+A dresses, and even got some of our guests and customers who were coming to wear theirs) and put our faces on!

And as our guests arrived, it was non-stop chit chatting and catching up for a good 3 hours; but we loved every single moment of it:

* Dude in the middle was there to buy stuff for his wife, not himself

* A future Miss Fashionista being carried by her gorgeous mummy, wearing an M+A dress

* The ever gorgeous, super-talented Miss Diana Liu, with Suan's mom

The pretty lay-deessss from the local mags  (having tea and catching up, of course)

Interested buyers - it was great that they could come touch and feel the quality of the M+A dresses. Some of them left with a few purchases!!

Alas, we didn't really take as many photographs as we wanted to - we wanted to maximise our time with our guests, and totally forgot about the camera (serves us right for wanting to keep to the budget and not hiring a proper photog!).

But we really enjoyed ourselves, so much so, that we were tempted to have another soiree! haha. But no chance of that for now. Perhaps when myloshop.com turns 1, we shall have a 1st anniversary bash? WHAT SAY YOU???

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Diana – the ultimate classic grecian goddess dress

We are really really excited to bring to you, our very FIRST evening gown. And how better to celebrate the whole Grecian Goddess look with such a simple yet classic design:

This is the Diana, a Mylo+Athena limited edition evening gown - only RM 189!

Available in Cream, Light Grey and Black

You will NEVER go wrong wearing this dress to any black tie or formal function. Drapey yet clingy enough to be sexy, this dress can hide all the lumpy bits and make you look TOTALLY FAB!

Check out these celebrities who've also gone with the whole Grecian goddess look:

Kate Beckinsale in a white number

Katie Holmes in a below-the-knee length version

Veronica Webb in a very flattering neutral toned version

Kate Hudson looking ever so HOT yet ethereal in this canary yellow version

Sandra Bullock

Gwyneth Paltrow


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Urbanscapes Street Bazaar @ KL PAC

Our very second participation at a street bazaar!

A very very very SUPER tiring day - we were there to set up from 8:30am, and we were done in about an hour and a bit:

This was slightly different to the last street bazaar, which was largely indoors. (THANK HEAVENS IT DIDN'T POUR, but it was HOT AS HELL!!!!!)

We even had our very OWN make shit fitting room - hopefully our customers found that useful. We really love it when our customers try on our stuff and fall instantly in love:

Can you feel the scalding heat yet - we think the next time we'll have a HUGE ice box to cool us DOWN!!!

This time, we brought in some accessories and gave away free Mentos! (someone even asked how much was the Mentos! hehe)

We had a super great time at Urbanscapes and was glad to meet new people! And to our loyal fans, thanks for dropping by and pre-ordering stuff. To our new friends, it was nice meeting you. Hope to see you all at our launch party at Banquet, Bangsar Village! Do RSVP to mylo.and.athena@gmail.com ya? Thankss!!!

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See you @ Urbanscapes

M+A @ Urbanscapes

M+A will be at Urbanscapes!

What is Urbanscapes?
Urbanscapes is organised by KLue and is the first and only all-day “user-generated” creative arts festival. Urbanscapes aims to bring together communities and participants from the fields of music, arts, lifestyle, film under a single banner to showcase the best of the local scene.

Is Urbanscapes a two-day event?
No, Urbanscapes is only a ONE-day event. It runs from 12pm to 12am.

Is Urbanscapes free?
No, KLue Urbanscapes is not a free festival. You will need tickets if you want to access these areas : The Lawn Stage, The Cinescapes Stage, 24 Hr KL photography exhibition, and The Box. All music acts will be performing in ticketed areas. The marketplace (which is where we are!) and food vendors are located in FREE areas. 

Where will Urbanscapes be held this year and how do I get there?
The venue for Urbanscapes is at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac). Click here for the map and driving instructions to the venue.

Is there an ATM at KLPac?
No, there are no ATMs on KLPac grounds. The nearest ATM will be on Jalan Ipoh, a 30 min walk away. (don't forget!)

And, as usual, if you have anything you wanna see from our website, do email us or leave a comment of the item and we will bring it!

Bring the above mailer to our booth #24 and receive a free gift!

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